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The most Deadliest Mosquito in The World

There are different kinds of mosquito that exist in our environment, and they are known as bacteria carrier animals that can cause harm to our health and even death. These are the example of the deadliest Mosquito in the world.

1. Anopheles

This is known as malaria carrier mosquito; this mosquito is commonly found at any watery area like swamps, canals or any watery area that exposed to the sun. Sometimes they are hiding at any place of your house waiting for the time to zip blood from the human victim.

Malaria is the most dangerous disease that can even killed you in an instant if not treated earlier. There are different kinds of malaria’s depend on the types of parasites.

2.Aedes aegypti

This mosquito can cause dengue fever which is now very rampant in every area of Philippines, they are bigger in size compare to other mosquito but we consider it as one of the dangerous and killer mosquito in the world, Dengue is not just normal fever it can kill you with in one week if not treated well. Once the dengue carrier mosquito bites you after 1 or 2 days you will feel the symptoms like having a fever, rushes and some pains in your body area.

This mosquito appeared in black and white patches, but we cannot determine them in an instant as they are not so visible because of its size. This mosquito have schedule when to attack victims, commonly they used to bite morning and afternoon. Between 8:00-12:00 in the morning they are searching victims and bite it, and 15:00-17:00 in the afternoon.

3. Aedes Albopictus

Also known as dengue carrier, it can also transmit dengue fever to human body that cause trouble in our health. This mosquito is usually stay in the garden area with watery parts, they have almost the same characteristics with the Aedes aegypti having white patches in their body.

They are also laying eggs at any stagnant water, they are anywhere as long as have water where they can stay and lay their eggs.

4. Culex fatiqans

This mosquito commonly stay inside your house, compare to other mosquito it appears strong white and black color while the others are faded. They lay their eggs at any turbid water area or any places that contains organic materials or food ingredients.

This mosquito can cause filariasis or elephantiasis disease that can cause death and disabilities. Once this mosquito bites you, the bacteria will flow with your blood and spread inside your body. 

If symptoms appears in your body you need to have check up to prevent the bacteria inside your body.

Top 5 strange Plant in the world

There are different species of plants that are not familiar to us, this are the unique plants living in this world.

There are some plants that we consider as rare or unique, its because of its unusual characteristic and uncommon features. Maybe few of us knew this kind of plant species, and this bizarre can be found around the world. Lets take a look the strangest plant in the world.

1.Welwits chia merabilis – This plant is consider as incredible endurance, because it can live without water for 5 years and it can reach up to 400 – 500 year of age. This plant having 2 large leaves and  become larger like alien at first glimpse. This plant is consider as rare because of its characteristics and  features.

2. Rafflesia arnoldii: the biggest flower on earth – This plant is rare because of its color and size, the color is not beautiful, red with spotted white. Only few countries having this kind of species like; Indonesia and Malaysia, and this year, Philippines was reported to have this kind of species living. This flower blooms 5 to 7 days only, it has unique odor that can attract insects for pollination. It smells stingy thats why its called corpse flower, this flower is belong to family of Euphobiaceace and it can grow from up to 1 meter and weight up to 7-11 kgs.

3. Dionaea mus cipula: Flies Cathcer Plant – This kind of plants have the ability to catch insects, this plant is carnivore where it cant trap insects using its 2 active leaves. This plant have sensitive fur that can easily detect flies,ants and any insects on its territory

4. Euphorbia obesa: Basebal plant - This is also known as Baseball plants because of its unusual look, This is  usually grown in the Great Karoo, South Africa. This plants was hunted by some collector and sell it to other country without planting it as a replacement. This is the reason why, the people with in that country made an organization to protect the species.

5. Amor phophallus titanium: Corpse flower -This flower can grow as higher as an adult and it spread its stingy odor smell of corpse. This is called corpse flower, because of tis smell and this flower is consider as rare because it is very rare to bloom. The breeding of this flowers depend on the insect that come because of its smell.

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