Monday, 13 February 2012

The Route On The Most Dangerous Montain In The World Is Closed

Some extremals from all around the world are in a hurry to walk through the Path of the King of Spain, because soon it will be closed. This is the most dangerous route in the world for tourist. The trail is located a hundred meters above the ground, on a cliff!
There are only plates, which are seemingly on the verge of spilling into to the dust and in the dangerous sea.
However, the Trail (El Caminito Del Rey) is fifty kilometers from Malaga, despite the risk, there are always gathered a lot of hunters with adrenaline. Upon learning of plans to close the route, the tourists rushed with new force, and tours often arrange for them … illegally!
Trail King is closed in order to carry out reconstruction in a tidy sum – and re-open, however, not only for extremals, but for tourists and quieter. This means that the attraction will lose its pristine and adrenaline loop. Everything will be quite civilized, fancy and safe. True adventurers such a turn of affairs are not very pleased …
Incidentally, as you might guess, the kings of the road never walked. It was erected in the early 20th century for workers on mountain hydroelectric power. They closed the road because she was broken down and tragically killed two workers.


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